:+:~ThE PeRsOn WhO ToOk My BrEaThE AwAy~:+:


DoN't Be fOoLeD bY Me~
DoN't bE FooLeD bY tHe MaSk i WeAr~
fOr i WeAr a MaSk~
i WeAr a ThOuSaNd MaSks~
MaSks tHaT i'M aFrAid To TaKe oFF~
aNd NoNe oF tHeM iS Me~
PreTeNdiNg iS aN aRt ThAt iS SeCoNd NaTuRe oF mE~
BuT DoN't bE fOoLeD~
i GiVe tHe iMpReSsiOn tHaT i'M SeCuRe~
ThAt aLL iS SuNNy aNd UnRuffLeD WiTh mE~
WiThiN As WeLL aS WiThoUt~
tHat CoNfiDeNcE iS mY NaMe aNd cOoLnEsS iS My GaMe~
tHaT ThE WaTeRs ArE CaLm~
aNd i'M iN CoMmAnD~
aNd i neEd nO OnE~
bUt dOn'T BeLiEvE iT...........
pLeAsE~ DoN't~
i idLy cHaTTeR wiTh yOu iN ThE SuAvE ToNes oF SuRfAcE TaLks~
i TeLL yOu EvErYthiNg tHaT's ReaLLy nOthiNg~
nOthiNg oF wHaT's CryiNg wiThiN mE~
sO, wHen i'M GoiNg tHrOuGh mY RoUtiNe~
DoN't bE FoOleD bY WhAt i'M SaYiNg~
pLeAsE LiStEn CaReFuLLy aNd TrY tO HeAr wHaT i'M noT SaYiNg~
WhAt i'D Be AbLe To sAy~
WhAt, FoR SuRviVaL, i NeEd tO SaY BuT i CaN't~
i DisLiKeD tHe HiDiNg~
i DisLiKeD ThE SuPeRfiCiaL PhOny GaMeS i'M pLaYiNg~